Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm new at this!

I really enjoy eating nutratarian-ish! I'm finding it easier each day. My new motto is "I may not be plant perfect, but I can be plant strong!" Thanksgiving dinner was a great success, although only 3 of us at dinner, we all loved it. Our favorite was the Vegan stuffing stuffed pumpkin and FRESH cranberry relish, (I picked the cranberries myself) a family recipe from Mary.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I did great through the long Thanksgiving weekend taking part in traditions but keeping mostly to my commitment to healthy eating.  Now I'm trying to clean out some cupboards making room for some of the appliances I use more often like a rice cooker for all kinds of grains, blender for smoothies, food processor for cutting veggies and pureeing legumes for dips, sauces, dressing (think hummus).  For some reason I'm finding it difficult to throw away the things I have around that I no longer include in my diet, like cake mix.  Should I give the stuff away and contribute to someone else's unhealthy ways (I would NEVER buy cigarettes for a friend!)? Or should I toss it all?  I "baked" a "cup of cake" with a small amount of cake mix in the microwave.  It was a familiar flavor but strangely sweet and artificial tasting.  That, I should have tossed.  What about the things that really aren't JUNK but not on the nutritarian list either.  I guess it's a case by case decision making process.  Anybody want some Lipton Noodles or 12 packages of Jello???


I seem to remember Weight Watcher's having some kind of clever position on this subject...something comparing "wasting" food to the size of one's "waist"...anybody remember this?